10 Signs He Really Cares About You

It doesn’t always take an “I love you” to show someone how much you like them. Feelings can also be expressed differently. If you are really important to someone, these signs clearly say more than words!

Am I important to him? Sign of love

Everyone likes to hear that they are loved. But not everyone brings these words off their lips easily. This is not the end of the world. For one, many other sentences mean at least as much. On the other hand, we can also tell from these things, whether someone really likes us. It’s hard to hide that you’re in love! With these subtle gestures, your partner shows you in his own way how important you are to him.

Future planning: When I am really important to him

Whether the future is near or far: his eyes are shining when he talks about the next date, vacation, or even the common home? A person can hardly show it more clearly: Anyone who suddenly speaks in the we-form during all planning no longer wants to imagine a life without the other.



When someone is really important to us, we overcome our greatest fears for them. But that’s not all. We are happy to accept inconvenience for the person we love, even if that means sitting at the coffee table with parents instead of watching football with the boys. Why does he do that? Because he loves you. If we appreciate these small gestures, he’ll be all the more likely to overcome himself again.


Love fills us with so much motivation, joy, and happiness that we don’t even know what to do with all the energy! The presence of our loved one makes us let out – even the most serious man becomes a lovable joker.



Watch him, then you will notice how he is watching you. One look is worth a thousand words. There is a lot of truth in this saying: Pay attention to the way he looks at you, because in his eyes, he cannot hide his feelings. The tender look or the warm smile from the side reveals his affection.

Touches that show whether I am important to him


He caresses your neck tenderly, touching your cheek here and there as you talk to him. Your partner feels magically attracted to you – people don’t even notice the many small touches, but men show you all the more how important you are to them.

No shame

This applies to feelings as well as all behavior. There is hardly a more beautiful token of love than that your partner feels completely at ease with you. If he is not afraid to show emotions and be himself in front of you, you are very special to him because he can drop his everyday mask with you.


Many men tend to keep feelings to themselves. He entrusts them to you. Appreciate this gesture because it shows you how important you are to him and what special role you play in his life.

Understanding: What do I mean to him?


While men tend to be cautious about feelings, women can sometimes find it difficult to control them. Sometimes we just feel like crying. Then again, we are bitchy. If we are important to someone, we also get criticism from them that we may exaggerate here and there – but despite everything, our partner is there for us and shows us his love with his understanding.



Love lives through attention. He wants to know every detail of your day and even when the most meaningless things gush out of us, is he still listening? There is hardly a more obvious sign of affection than interest.

Am I important to him? Caring shows it clearly

When you’re sick, does he cook you chicken soup? He does everything to see you happy – because you are important to him, and he loves you. Words are not needed with these warm signs!