From ancient Greece, the oily liquid extracted from olives, is used as a type of shower gel or body shampoo. Castile soap is a type of popular soap derived from olive oil, made in the Mediterranean for centuries.

Marseille or Castile soap is a hard bread made from vegetable oil, traditionally made in France, which contains a large amount of olive oil. The soaps of Aleppo are regional versions of the Castile made in the Middle East. In the United States, Castile soap has been gaining popularity as a result of the Dr. Bronner brand, which is useful for health-conscious consumers.

Benefits of olive oil soap.

Let’s look at the most important benefits of using olive oil soap.


Olive oil soap is hypoallergenic and, therefore, is much less likely to cause allergic reactions or irritate sensitive skin. Commercial soap often contains ingredients such as Sodium Laureth sulfate, a potential toxin. Olive oil soaps sold in stores often contain only natural ingredients. Olive oil is also so useful that it is an ingredient approved by pediatricians in the baby’s skin.

Super moisturizing

Unlike commercial soaps, which can dry the skin with a high pH and formulas to remove the oil, olive oil soap protects the skin’s sebum. Sebum is a fragile layer of natural oils that help keep skin hydrated and help prevent bacterial infections.

A Research by Walter C. Preston, published in the Journal of Chemical Education, suggests that the olive oil does not produce as much foam as other soaps, but olive oil soap improves moisture absorption from the skin. Many people often use aggressive products designed to extract all the oil from the pores and skin, which can leave their skin dry and unprotected. Olive oil soap balances the natural oils in your skin while removing dirt.

Rich in antioxidants

Historically, women have been using olive oil on their skin for millennia because it really helps make the skin look young and elastic. This is partly due to its ability to retain the skin’s natural oils. However, olive oil soap also contains high doses of vitamins E and A, powerful agents against free radicals. Olive oil also contains anti-inflammatory syntheses that can support balance the complexion and skin texture.

Longer use

Commercial beauty bars may appear to dissolve completely after only a few uses. Olive oil soap is not as foamy as commercial soap, so it lasts longer. Many people prefer olive oil soap because it not only has a long shelf life, but most olive oil soaps have no fragrance, making it a less strong option, ideal for people sensitive to perfume.

Is it not good to use some natural products on the skin rather than the market’s chemical products?