4 steps to protect your skin from pollution

Pollution is the number 1 enemy of the skin. It is responsible for some harmful effects such as premature aging and dehydration. So, to effectively declare war on it, here are some tips to follow.

No matter where we live, pollution is part of our daily life. While we are well aware of its destructive effects on the planet, we must also consider its harmful impact on our skin. Wrinkles, dryness, dehydration, acne, dark spots, dull complexion, Yes, just that! Therefore, it is essential to protect yourself from it by carrying out a complete and adapted beauty routine that will allow you to display a fresh, rested, and healthy glow.

Can the skin defend itself against pollution?

Not completely. It needs a little outside help, especially on the purification and cleaning part.

Remove makeup well

Every night, be sure to remove makeup, starting with the eyes first and then ending with the face. Whatever makeup remover you use (milk, micellar water, jelly), do not hesitate to pass several cotton pads until they appear completely clean. During the day, pollution particles tend to attach themselves to the skin. Lipids, and more particularly, sebum cling to the epidermis and cause it to suffocate. Result: the pores are clogged, altered complexion.

Cleanse your skin well

Now let’s move on to cleansing, which is usually done twice a day, in the evening after removing makeup and in the morning before putting on makeup. This step is also essential to detoxify the epidermis. Because of the pollution, “the skin will become dull and lack radiance. In the more or less long term, we will notice an effect on the pores which will open, and we will see some small pimples appear, especially on the skin. From mixed to oily skin.” comments by an expert.

Choose your cleanser based on your needs and tastes. You can turn to anti-pollution “labeled” products containing oxygenating active ingredients and aim to neutralize polluting particles and free radicals.

Choose appropriate care

Then move on to the care itself, which is essential to pamper your skin attacked by free radicals. To fight effectively, opt for a moisturizer rich in active antioxidant ingredients such as vitamins C and E, polyphenols, etc. Don’t skip the night cream, which plays an essential role in cell renewal. In fact, your skin is more active while you sleep.

How do anti-pollution treatments work?

There are antioxidant treatments that will protect against the harmful effects of pollution, that is to say free radicals induced by pollutants. There are also treatments that limit the adhesion of polluting particles on the skin, such as oxygenation.

Protect your skin with sunscreen

On a daily basis, protect it with a city ​​sunscreen or with cosmetics containing a sun filter. UV accelerates the damage caused by pollution. When it is sunny, you can use SPF 20″ protection.

Once or twice a week, take the time to exfoliate your face to limit the accumulation of particles. Finally, finish your ritual with a hydrating and soothing mask.