5 Mistakes people usually make on the First Date

If the long-awaited first date with that person you have been waiting for has arrived, now you have a golden opportunity, but if you do not know how to act well, forget about a second one. Generally, before starting a relationship, people go out to meet and treat each other, so that if our personality or attitude does not check with that of the other person, at that moment, everything ends.

Men and women are in a constant search to find a partner, and despite the fact that courtships no longer last as before, dating is something that is still valid, although of course, a lot has changed over the years.

If you are about to go out with someone and you want to make this go beyond the conventional, there are a series of points that you should avoid, then we will explain each of them for you to consider.

1) Avoid criticism

In general, a woman likes to be the main protagonist and talk more than necessary, it is natural, you have to listen to them, but if he or she shows certain tastes or interests that do not go with yours, do not comment or correct, nobody it will take you good; it is about evaluating the possibility of having a future together not designing it your way

2) Don’t mention your exes

You are about to try something new and still not overcome the past? First, you have to let go in order to move forward; Maybe you think you look very interesting if you talk about how they adored you and spent moments together, but the only thing you project is that you are not over it yet, so that will cost you a new love story.

3) Talk about work

People often make this mistake even when they are with friends; It is so typical to go to a party and bring up the work topics, that when they are at work, they bring up the party topics; no one focuses on living in the present. We advise you that you focus on the moment, the here and now; pay attention to your boy or girl and focus on his person when you are on a date.

4) Avoid talking more than necessary

On a date, less is more; Don’t expect them to know everything about you in a couple of hours, we know there is a lot to talk about, but there are going to be some things that they completely disagree on, so if you risk blurting it all out, you may run into a: “I don’t agree with what you say,” and that’s where problems can begin, problems that you yourself could have avoided.

5) Choose well what you are going to wear

Making a good impression is something that happens superficially, that is, judging by the way you look; So if you want to start on the right foot, choose everything in detail but in a balanced way, that is, you don’t have to look overly groomed or so careless; wear perfumes sparingly and avoid excessive jewelry and makeup.