6 tips that will help your family have a better relationship

When we live as a family, relationships are not always completely fit. It is natural that from time to time, there are misunderstandings; What is not normal is that these conflicts break the relationships between family members.

The good news is that there are several things you can do to improve your daily life and solve any problems that have distanced you.

1. Break with the routine

The monotony kills any emotional relationship. It is true that modern life almost forces us to follow a daily pattern; In spite of that, you can always do your part to change things in favor of your family.

It is not a matter of money; it is a matter of having the will to make a change. If you are not the type of family who eats together for their schedules, propose one day a week to dine together, another to watch a movie or whatever they can think of that helps them not only to know each other more but also to forge memories.

2. Control the use of technology

Something that distances families a lot today is the abuse of technology. In many homes, it is common to eat while they are answering chat messages or waiting for a phone call. But not only that is a problem, so can television programs.

A simple solution is to put a rule at home, turn off and put aside the electronics whenever they are going to eat or spend time with family. With that, they favor a better coexistence.

3. Be available

It seems like something simple to do, but it really isn’t for many parents. It happens that sometimes children look for their parents to talk to them about a conflict, but seldom they are told they don’t have time or leave it for later. The point is that the moment never comes, and that ends up distancing the family. Always try to let them know that if they need you, you will be there for them.

4. Talk less and listen more

Wow! It is terrible to need to be heard and not be. Therefore, for the change to begin, you start by setting the example. Make sure that when your siblings or parents need to talk to someone, you are aware of their needs to let off steam.

In case you need to be heard, ask to speak, and if you notice that you are still not attended, claim that attention in a good way, ask to be heard just as you do.

5. Have expectations that are real

Many of the problems that arise between couples and that also deteriorate parent-child relationships are high expectations.

Waiting for your wife or husband to do this or that and not to do so creates a lot of disappointment. To hope that your children study or work in the same way as you, or that they do well in that school subject in which you were doing great, is absurd.

6. Restoring broken relationships

I know that it is not easy to have contact with relatives with whom you have not spoken to yourself for a long time, but so that the closest affections do not deteriorate, try to correct your failures of the past, settle for patience, and try to give ground once in a while in when. You will see how things improve among you.