7 tips to look younger

No need to resort to cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate. Sometimes it takes just a little to save a few years. The proof is through these most rejuvenating tips!

If we can not fight against the passage of time, we can still limit its effects on our face with a few tips. Here is what you need to know to look younger easily.

1) Get smooth skin

Do like the Hollywood stars, go to layering to optimize the effects of your treatments. Start by applying your anti-aging treatment, let it penetrate, and then move on to the day cream. Leave on for a few minutes, then allow the excess to penetrate by massaging gently. Finally, proceed to the application of your foundation. Over time, your skin will be denser and more beautiful.

2) Adopt a dynamic and structured cut

With the exception of quadras like Demi Moore or Jessica Parker, generally, after 40 years, long hair is avoided because it “crushes” the contours of the face. The court has the wind in its sails, so why deny it? Better, choose a short cut “combed-disheveled.” It gives pep’s to your face. Of course, this doesn’t go without healthy, shiny hair, so pamper it with the right care.

3) Pamper hands

Impossible to deceive the age with dry, stained, and wrinkled hands. However, a few reflexes are enough to save them a few years. Make a “special hand” plumping exfoliation and mask twice a week, insisting well on the cuticles and cream them with a moisturizing and anti-dark spot treatment several times a day. Also, remember to take care of your nails and highlight them with a light-colored varnish.

4) Make myself a pink complexion

Too thick foundation, the shiny powder must be banned from your makeup bag if you want to give your face a youthful look. Why? Because they bring out fine lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections. If you are a fan of liquid foundation, mix it with a pink highlighter or apply a veil of pink powder as a finish. If you prefer blush, the same indication, choose it rather pink than orange. Healthy glow guaranteed!

5) Redefine gaze

Fine lines, puffiness, dark circles, the look is often the part of the face that is most marked by time. However, there are some tips to give it a second youth. Epilate and redraw your eyebrows with a tone-on-tone pencil, emphasizing the top line to give them substance.

Result: your eyebrows are higher, and your eyes are more open and fresher. As for make-up, prefer matte eyeshadows and distill a few touches of light in the inner corner of the eye and below the brow bone.

6) Glamorous neckline

The wrinkled neckline is our everyone’s obsession. To proudly wear the V-necks and swimsuits, adopt the right gestures. Rather than the push-up bra that marks the folds, prefer the application of a good daily anti-UV moisturizer with a cloud of translucent powder, it is much more glamorous.

7) Sublimate lips

Bright, bold colors make lips glamorous, but if the outline relaxes and fine lines start to appear, they tend to accentuate those flaws instead. Prefer the gloss to lipstick because it is a fatty substance that risks spinning and marking wrinkles. If you can’t part with your favorite red, apply nude lip liner around the lip to fill in any gaps.