Hair removal: techniques, products and advice for clear skin

Who doesn’t dream of soft, clear skin? To have it, you have to go through the hair removal box! Wax, razor, hair removal cream, or laser, there are many more or less easy and painful methods to remove unpleasant hair.

Discover the trends and methods to declare war on hair growth and have skin as soft as silk.

Tips for painless waxing

Do you urgently need to wax your bikini line, legs, or armpits? Don’t panic, follow our tips for quick and painless hair removal.

The different hair removal methods

Being shaved up close requires precision and the mastery of certain techniques. Here are all the methods to find the weapon you need to hunt for hair.

All about waxing

Formulated with resin and beeswax, the wax is an effective method, although a little painful. It can be used hot or cold, with or without bands, depending on preference. This method’s advantage is the hair regrowth time, which is quite long (approximately 3 weeks) since the bulb is removed during depilation. Fairly easy to handle with practice, the wax can be bought in supermarkets, or we can make it ourselves at home with a recipe based on sugar, water, and lemon called oriental wax. Regarding prices, count between 3 and 30 euros depending on where you buy it.

The razor, fast and painless

Simple to use, quick, and easy to transport, the razor allows you to wax all areas of the body (legs, bikini line, armpits) in no time and to troubleshoot in certain situations. To be used with a little shower gel or shaving cream, it is painless as long as you do not cut yourself with the blade. Note that the most sensitive skin can be irritated by this method. Even if it remains very practical, hair regrowth is done quickly since its root is shaved and not torn off. Depending on the skin type, the razor can cause ingrown hairs to appear and harder, darker hair to grow back. On the price side, the razor is economical, count about ten euros.

The ultra precise electric epilator

A method of hair removal that is developing more and more today, the electric epilator is practical and quick to use. It ensures a clear result and a fairly long hair regrowth (3 weeks) of the depilated areas, even the most sensitive bikini line, thanks to new suitable accessories. Quite painful at the start of use, the pain subsides over time. Some brands lack innovations to reduce this pain, particularly by using cold or electric epilators underwater. Price level, it can range from 40 to 90 euros depending on the brand and type of model you choose. However, the investment quickly pays off.

Depilatory cream, ideal for sensitive skin

The depilatory cream remains an effective means of waxing with simple and fast use. Apply to the skin for the exposure time indicated on the instructions and then remove with a spatula or a glove; anyone can do it in five minutes! Painless, some sensitive skin people may still experience some heating if the cream is applied for too long. Safe for the epidermis, it is preferable to use it, especially in troubleshooting, because it may irritate the skin in the long term. Hair regrowth remains fast and can lead to the appearance of harder, darker hairs. Counted between 3 to 15 euros depending on the brands and areas. Note also that a tube ends quite quickly in general.

Pulsed light for almost permanent hair removal

To use at home as in institute, this method promises clear skin and for a long time. The pulsed light will indeed heat the hair to destroy it entirely. Almost permanent and safe hair removal, therefore, it is still not recommended to use it on pregnant women, children, people with diabetes or blood disease, people taking photosensitizing drugs, and dark or dark skin. However, this method comes at a price: count between 60 and 200 euros per session (depending on the area to be waxed), knowing that several are needed before obtaining a final result.

The laser, to say goodbye to hair!

On the same basis as pulsed light, the laser will burn the hair to destroy it permanently right down to the root for a long-lasting effect. Professional technique, the result depends on the age, the area to be treated, and the person’s hair. This technique’s disadvantage is the time to obtain an optimal result; for 6 to 8 sessions, count between 12 to 14 months. We are talking about an unpleasant sensation and not pain during the sessions, even if each person perceives the pain in his own way. Safe, it is contraindicated for people such as pregnant women, those with skin pathologies, taking photosensitizing drugs, or for tanned skin. The price of a session can vary between 50 and 100 euros, depending on the area.

Threading, the oldest method

An ancestral technique used in particular in India, it is fast, ecological, and economical. To do it at home, it is enough to take a wire which one twists in order to be able to wedge the hair between the two ends so that it can be torn up to its root. Usually used for parts of the face, it is possible to thread hair on other areas of the body such as the legs for the more tedious. Painless, the thread may pinch the skin from time to time.