How to detect if my child has depression?

As per the World Health Organization, in excess of 300 million individuals around the globe live with melancholy.

This same body argues that this disease causes mental anguish and affects the ability of people to perform their daily activities, causing harmful effects on relationships with family and friends.

Contrary to what can be believed, according to WHO, this disease can affect anyone, including children.

Childhood depression maybe because “sometimes there may be a lot of demand and little reward from the environment,” which causes the child to think that he does not have “enough mechanisms to feel loved, protected or caring, emotionally speaking. ”

Some of the situations that can be cause for alarm to detect childhood depression are the following:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Isolation
  • Alterations in sleeping hours, that is, the child may have insomnia or sleep excessively.
  • The child may have an irritable attitude accompanied by exaggerated reactions.
  • Irritable attitude accompanied by exaggerated reactions.

Depression and adolescence

Undoubtedly one of the most challenging stages in the life of a human being is adolescence, and due to the wide variety of emotional changes that occur at this stage.

“The young adult has numerous progressions at the physiological level, so there are times where it appears to be that he looks like burdensome, it appears to be that he looks like restless, but these are the outcome of hormonal changes, what makes the difference with the symptomatology? The prevalence, when you say, ‘hey to be a hormonal issue, a while has passed,’ is because something else is happening in the child’s life or something else is happening in the adolescent’s life, ”

Start psychological therapy

When you have identified that something is wrong with the mental health of children, the important thing is not to let it go and see a specialist. According to a psychologist, during a session of child psychological therapy, parents should be present, because in this way a more orderly work is achieved in which they also witness the thoughts of their children.

“Typically, the child specialist consistently work inseparably with guardians, offer remarks, set up certain undertakings, request uphold from the family.

Contrary to the belief that psychological therapy can only focus on a conversation between the psychologist and his patient, child therapy can use games and dynamics to make the child feel confident and can express his feelings.

“There are experts as of now with some claim to fame each pediatric territory, so they utilize a few exercises to work accurately with them, with the children, with picking up this degree of certainty and beginning to talk.


Not attending to childhood depression can have severe consequences for those who suffer from it and for their family, some can be seen immediately as the deterioration in social relationships, or they can explode during adulthood.

“The results can be extreme, you don’t see them promptly, yet it is something that is going on there, and that can turn out in the youth stage or the phase of the youthful grown-up there.

As you may have noticed, mental health is just as important as physical well-being, so make sure your children receive adequate care that helps them have a better quality of life.