Lost love of life: Why you can never get over love

Once you’ve met the love of your life, it’s almost impossible to forget it – and that’s natural. We have the emotional reasons behind it!

Sometimes there is a moment in life when you just know. The thought hits you like a blow, or it slowly creeps in, but suddenly it is there: You are sure – that is her, the great love.

So that’s the feeling that countless films and novels are built on. The certainty that floods you with a comfortably warm feeling, but at the same time fills you with fear. Sometimes love actually lasts a lifetime. But sometimes it works too. In this case, you are aware: You will never really get over this great love. We have the reasons for it.

You never forget your first love: you gave your heart away

The phrase actually applies in this case. When you fall head over heels in love, you are ready to give it your all. While you have held back in other relationships and have waited carefully, there is no time for that with great love. The decision to fully engage emotionally with the other has simply been made from your heart.

You have overcome yourself and dared to love someone with every fiber of your body. As beautiful as this feeling is, it is just as terrible when it is in vain. If you have opened up to the great love and have been hurt, it isn’t easy to take this step again. Your body goes back into a protective mechanism. Part of us is missing.

The great love was your home

You go to work, rush from one appointment to the next, quickly go shopping, only to fall exhausted into your partner’s arms. Regardless of whether you share an apartment or not – your great love is also your home at the same time.

It’s an integral part of your life, anchored between family dinners and weekend shopping. When you lose your great love, you also lose part of your everyday life. Things that you did on your own before the relationship suddenly seem boring.

Even going to the supermarket becomes an ordeal when the shelves suddenly tell stories from times when you stocked up on unreasonably unhealthy sweets for the evening on TV.

When the great love leaves: The feelings remain

Before the great love, one or the other partner may have come and gone. You were in love – at least that’s what you believed – and “fell out of love” again.

But that now seems impossible. Because in this one relationship, everything was different. You knew that it was great love. It made you feel emotions that you didn’t even know existed. Even worse is the lovelorn. You felt a stronger bond than ever before.

The tricky thing: even if there was a life before this one love – once you have experienced it, you cannot forget it again. You can’t imagine ever sharing the feelings your partner has evoked in you with anyone else – after all, they were meant for him alone.

You will always compare new partners

Your friends mean well. They want to cheer you up and introduce you to several chic friends. From the outside, the solution seems simple: if one love goes, only a new one can help.

But your friends don’t know that their mating actions will only make it worse. Because even if the really attractive bartender with the wild curls winks at you, you’ll be back to the one strand of hair that you kept brushing off your ex’s face in no time.

It is not easy for potential partners – because once you have experienced great love, you will not only compare new acquaintances with her again and again. Above all, it’s the feelings that have reached a whole new level. Because even when you get involved with someone new, the nasty voice always speaks inside, wondering if it really feels as great as it does with the ex.

How can one forget the great love?

You were a well-rehearsed team. But it’s not the movie evenings together that you miss. It’s the way your partner stroked your foot while you laid your legs on their lap – and the detour into the tickling areas just to see you laugh.

It is the secret language you have developed over a long time, the little dimple that only appears with a certain smile. In other words, it’s the details. They are burned into our brains like the saucepan on the work surface when our partner once forgot that it was still hot.

Once we have experienced great love, it is impossible to forget it because it has made us different. All we can do is accept it as part of us and be curious to see if maybe someone else can lure many more things out of us!