Take care of your body’s health using sunscreen

Temperatures are rising, and health needs to be taken care of, even at this moment, when we are more indoors. In all age groups, the use of sunscreen brings the necessary protection every day. The lack of protection against the incidence of sunlight can cause skin cancer.


Regular use of sunscreen is essential for the prevention of skin cancer. But it is worth remembering that it is not enough just to use this type of protection. The product needs to be applied daily and reapplied every 3 hours. The skin on our face is more sensitive than it looks and, even when it is not directly exposed to the sun, it continues to suffer the action of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, maintain a routine of care and apply sunscreen on your face even indoors.


Each type of skin requires a type of protection. When choosing the sunscreen that best suits your skin, it is important to take into account some characteristics. Start by looking for products with a high sun protection factor (SPF), so it is possible to know if the filter will be effective in protecting against UVB rays associated with skin cancer.

What’s your skin tone? Make no mistake, people with dark skin need to protect themselves and look for products with a minimum factor of 15, although the most recommended is over 30. For those who have very light skin and usually run away from the sun, the ideal sun protection is around 60.


The use of sunscreen is not recommended for babies up to 6 months, as the risk of absorbing the product’s components through the skin is high in this age group. At this stage of life, the ideal is to use clothes and hats that can help protect the skin and avoid the exposure of babies to the sun between 10 am and 4 pm.

From the age of 6, older children mustn’t neglect protection, especially if your children will be playing outdoors, in the sea or pool. The Dermatology experts recommend a specific amount for each part of the body. On the face, the proportion of sunscreen is equivalent to one teaspoon, while for the body, the equivalent of two teaspoons is sufficient for those who will be exposed to a large part of the body. After three hours of exposure, it is necessary to reapply the sunscreen for both adults and children.


Are you working from home and have spent many hours on the computer? So know that computer light is also a type of radiation that hits the skin and, therefore, your body and face require protection. Unlike other diseases, solar damage to the body is cumulative. Even after you stop exposing yourself to the sun, many skin changes can still manifest. Therefore, it is essential to make protection a habit, especially among children.